What if I ran away?

Would you wander by my side?

As stars explode in skies

We once searched for truth

Amongst this world’s lies

Your pulse in mine, proof


That if I walk too close

To the edge of you and me

You’d pull me in tight

To keep me calm and warm

You take every anxiety

Bring me back to sobriety


Sipping on the taste of lips

I know so well, they are yours

But that’s not all you have

To hold in your dreams

Every single night we float

These sheets, worn out seams


We see images in vibrant colors

My heart beats in neon hues

We hold on so tight we may explode

Like the stars break the cold

We capture every moment

Knowing that together we’ll grow old


And the lights flash

A photo of you and yours

Shake it, watch love fall loose

As we realize we have so much lose

In that album holds our youth

And mine belongs to you


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