In My Blood

In My Blood

I want to draw you close like lines intertwined

Before tears drop and wash away the marks

Left on my heart, they spell out your love

I want to breath you deep to get a little high

I need a little something to help me rise


Waters surge, ‘hallelujah’ around my throat

My sites gone blue like what flows beneath

Flesh left cold without the warmth of your touch

And now I sink below the waters of the flood

When panic strikes, I can feel you in my blood


At night I’ve been sleeping at your feet

Waiting for you to look down and see me

Before you turn and leave again

I fear the sound of every closing door

You echo in my ear pressed against the floor


Your nails scratch deep and love runs free

Just to remind me how much I mean

Lay with me and let me taste what you’re made of

Alone in the darkness and heat of the one I loved

My pulse runs wild, I can feel you in my blood


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