Take Me Back

Take Me Back

Take me back to pillow talk

Long walks through dim lit city blocks

To shy smiles and holding hands

Soaring, not a clue where we’d land

When it didn’t matter what’d we do

Tell me you love me like I love you

Make my heart skip a beat

Relief, from this desert heat

My mind still undecided

When this love’s one sided

But this blood flows gold plated

Knowing that our love is fated

You’re long gone now and that’s fine

Because you were never really mine

Falling asleep between sheets, tangled

Now I see you from a whole new angle

You never really wanted me

But I won’t be the plea

For love that’s not true

Your waters don’t run blue

Like the tears that flow down my cheek

But my knees buckle I’ve been so weak

Take me back to the times we were in love

These memories I can’t seem to get rid of


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