Green & Blue

Green & Blue

I close my eyes and I see

The you that you use to be

Blue peaks through shaky fingers

Now I see who you’ve chosen to be


My mouth left dry

Deep red lips begin to quiver

As I lay in your old blue blanket

I’m left cold, and I shiver


My hands left stranded

Free of the loving touch

Of someone who’s like minded

But I guess love left me blinded


Now my vision begins to clear

And I’ve finally come to realize

That maybe you were just a lie

That I’ll take to my grave the day I die


Blue eyes saw colors untrue

Images blurred, you’d spin me round

All because I thought I loved you

I can’t help but know I still do


But I wake, to bright yellow light

And the ability to hope

That the world will guide me

Back to the green eyes I long to see


That they’ll stare back at mine

And the oceans will subside

Tears will flood each and every lash

I’ll finally have you as mine


And my eyes will open wide

Ravish every image of you

Realizing your love was always true

When green meets blue


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